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Making sure your dog is happy and healthy will help him live a longer, fuller life. Here, we’ll give you all sorts of dog health resources to help your best friend have the best health he can.
Dog Dental Health
Your dog’s teeth and gums are more important to your dog’s overall health than you may realize.Read MoreResource right arrow
Spotting the Signs of Dog Dental Disease
Dog dental health is crucial. Know what to look for in order to assess the health of their teeth and gums.Read MoreResource right arrow
Early Steps towards Good Dog Oral Hygiene
Show your puppy good dog oral hygiene habits early on, with these simple measures.Read MoreResource right arrow
Watch this video on quick things you can do at home to check your pet’s teeth and gums for signs of painful oral disease.Read MoreResource right arrow
Dog Weight Control
Could your pooch lose a few? Find guidelines for managing dog weight by popular breeds of dogs.Read MoreResource right arrow
Healthy Habits for Pets and their Owners
Dr. Ernie Ward provides tips on how to practice healthy habits to ensure pets live a healthy life. Read MoreResource right arrow
Exercising Your Dog  resource flim strip
Dr. Ernie Ward discusses the best way to exercise your dog and he even shows you the best pace for your pooch.Read MoreResource right arrow
Giving Dog Treats
Learn how to reward your dog with the right amount of treats and the right amount of affection.Read MoreResource right arrow
Feeding Dogs Table Food
There’s a downside to feeding your dog table scraps. Understand why it’s important to keep people food with people.Read MoreResource right arrow
10 Tips for Eating Out with Your Dog
Make sure your dog’s behavior makes your outdoor dining experience more fun. Here are some tips.Read MoreResource right arrow
Senior Dog Health
Retain your dogs quality of life. Recognize the signs of your dog’s aging and learn the best way to care for older dogs.Read MoreResource right arrow
Caring for Senior Dogs
We’ll help you understand what your senior dog’s special needs are and how you can help him stay healthy.Read MoreResource right arrow
The Aging Dog
Caring for older dogs can be a challenge. Find ways to help your best friend as he slows down and becomes a senior dog.Read MoreResource right arrow
February is Dog Dental Care Month
Oral disease is serious in pets. Find out what you can do this month to make sure your dog’s dental health is in great shape.Read MoreResource right arrow
Dog Heatstroke Symptoms
As the temperature rises, so does the risk of heatstroke. Learn about heatstroke in dogs and what you can do to help.Read MoreResource right arrow
Dog Care in Winter
As winter rolls in, keep in mind a few cold-weather outdoor safety tips to keep your dog’s winter health in great shape.Read MoreResource right arrow
Holiday Dog Safety
Make sure when the holidays arrive that your dog is safe and sound in your environment.Read MoreResource right arrow
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