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General Health

Taking good care of your cat's health doesn't require as much as you think. Find tips on everything from cat language to kitty first aid kits.
Cat Care at Home
A five-point home cat health examination every month can help you detect signs of poor health in your cat. Read MoreResource right arrow
Understanding Your Cat
Insight about what really makes cats purr. Get to know your cat's behavior and how they communicate. Read MoreResource right arrow
Cat Language
Is your cat telling you something? Understanding her special cat language will help you know what she's saying. Read MoreResource right arrow
Healthy Habits for Pets and their Owners
Dr. Ernie Ward provides tips on how to practice healthy habits to ensure pets live a healthy life. Read MoreResource right arrow
A Feline First Aid Kit
Assemble basic supplies into a cat first aid kit and keep it for those days when kitty gets a minor injury. Read MoreResource right arrow
Bad Breath is a Bad Sign
Many pet parents think bad breath is just part of being a cat. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Foul-smelling breath isn’t normal or healthy. Find out why your cat’s bad breath can be a sign of a more serious problem. Read MoreResource right arrow
3 Steps to a Healthy Smile
While some effects of dental disease are irreversible, prevention is easier than you might think. Follow these steps to maintaining your cat’s oral health so you can both smile and cuddle for a lifetime. Read MoreResource right arrow
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